Credit: LJ Hawkes


Poppy Project Update – The Big Knit

The Project is quickly gaining momentum with a grand total of 17 contributors and over 180 poppies completed so far. The second meeting of the project took place on February 2nd at Stores Cottage, kindly hosted by Tess Olley, where some more ‘absolute beginners’ were indoctrinated into the art.

We even had an overseas guest all the way from South Africa! Norma took up the challenge with relish and proved very adept, very quickly. Norma is visiting her daughter, Nicole and will be staying for a couple of months so we hope to make the best use of her skills whilst she is here.

Next Steps

Our goal is to reach 500 (easy-peasy at the rate we are going) and once this is achieved, we can look realistically at what the final goal will be, so there is always room/time for more folk to join in if they feel the urge. It really is quite addictive but also meditative to sit and create something very special in a short space of time.


Credit: LJ Hawkes


Contributors are starting to pledge the number of poppies they are personally aiming to complete, which is a great way of goal setting. No one has to do this, but it spurs you on to achieve your personal best!







Design Plans

Thoughts are turning to the design of the finished drape, and we are now planning to add different coloured poppies and a design created within the drape. We will be asking people to think about the finished design, so if you have any design ideas please let us know. We would like to incorporate different colours to include the various groups they represent. You can find out more on what the different coloured poppies symbolise in a future blog.

Next Meeting 

The next project meeting will take place on 24th March 2022 at 6pm. Venue: Stores Cottage.

How to join in 

To join the project, please contact Sue Clark via the Contact form below.

Many thanks.

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Lee Jane Hawkes · 02/21/2022 at 7:14 am

Very proud to be part of this group!

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