We need one or two new volunteers to join the Burton Community Speed Watch team.

Most of you will have seem team members out at the bottom of Marsh Lane checking the speeds of passing cars, and those exceeding 35mph are reported to the Wiltshire Police Speed Watch team. They then send out a warning letter or visit them depending on the reported speed. In the last 3 years (which includes periods of Covid lockdowns) the Burton team did 155 sessions with 705 reported speeders exceeding 35mph.

The sessions normally last one hour and need three team members. Sessions are organised to fit in with the availability and wishes of team members through a WhatsApp group. Individual team members usually do one, and sometimes two sessions in a week.

To become a volunteer you need to register your interest by filling in a form, and then do an on-line training session. If you would like to find out what it’s like before you go any further, you are very welcome to come along and observe a convenient Speed Watch session and ask any questions.

For further information, please contact me (Alistair Caie 01454 218072 acaie42@gmail.com). I look forward to hearing from you.

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