Chris Haines sells fresh fish at

Burton Farm Shop & Kitchen

every Tuesday between 3-4:30pm (Oct – Apr)

A great choice of superb quality fish. Chris engages the customer, offering tips for storing and cooking his produce. He is also willing to source particular items to order.


Contact Chris on 07711 981507

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Amanda Read · 05/18/2022 at 6:34 am

Recipe: Eggs Arnold Bennett

Smoked haddock
Eggs (1-2 per serving)
Grated Cheese – traditionally Parmesan, but Cheddar or Double Devonshire works beautifully
Bay leaf
Rapeseed Oil to fry

In frying pan, poach fish in milk with bay leaf. When cooked through, set fish aside. Discard milk.
Break eggs into a mixing bowl and whisk.
Add oil to pan and pour in the whisked eggs.
Meanwhile flake the fish.
When cooked on the underside but still runny on top, add the flaked fish. Sprinkle with pepper and grated cheese.
Remove from hob and place under grill until the cheese sizzles and browns.

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