As a community website, we aim to deliver content of interest to the people of Burton. This can only be achieved when residents take an active role in the website.


This blog discusses how you can get involved.

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What would you like to see on the website?

To get you thinking, here are a few ideas: outdoors activities (rambling, cycling, running), hobbies, geology, hydrology, pedology (soil science), meteorology, climatology, archaeology, history, environment, wildlife, botany, wellness, reviews (books, events, venues), building a website, running a small business…

If it has a local angle, it is likely others will be interested, too. Contributions can be regular or one-off. In the first instance, pitch your ideas in the contact form below. Just a brief outline will suffice at this stage. Once your idea gets the green light, copy should be in the region of 300 words. All copy will be proofread and may be edited to improve its appearance and readability.


While the web admins keep the website functioning and secure, it is only sustainable when we have a variety of people contributing across a range of subjects.


Tap in to the potential

Are you a local business owner? If so, get listed in the Local Services, Enterprises & Trades section. Add your details to the contact form below. As a minimum, provide the name and nature of your business, contact information, website/social media, also add a tagline and logo if you have one.

Don’t miss out on this no cost opportunity to increase your visibility and extend your customer base.


Similarly, if you run a club, society or local events, you can have your own section of the website, and appear in the  event listings. Use the contact form below to enquire.



Subscribe to the website and comment on posts.

We love connecting with people and feedback is always welcome. When sending feedback, especially where you have an issue with post content, please try to be as specific and concise as possible. The best way to do this is to use the comments section of the blog in question.


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