Credit: Amanda Read



Each month, the competition will have a new theme. The themes are relatively broad and creative interpretation is encouraged.


Notwithstanding the above, entries must meet the brief of the month’s theme. For instance, a theme of Autumn might encompass Autumnal leaves or Halloween, but it would not include Easter eggs or Spring buds.


Excessive enhancements to formatting are discouraged. We want to recognise an eye for composition, not skill with editing software.


Eligibility Criteria

  1. This competition is open to residents of Burton and Nettleton, Wiltshire only.
  2. Photos are to be of locations within a three-mile radius of St Mary the Virgin church, Church Hill, Burton.
  3. Entrants may submit up to two photos each per theme.
  4. Unplaced submissions to one theme may be resubmitted to other themes. Winning entries (ie 1st place, or runners-up) may not be resubmitted to another theme.
  5. Submitted photos may not be previously published elsewhere, either online or in print, in commercial or social media.
  6. Judges of the competition may not enter. Competition organisers are eligible to enter.
  7. Submissions must be made by midnight of the closing date.


Photographer’s Rights

By submitting your photos to this competition, you retain the rights to your photograph, but grant the organisers permission to use the photo on the website, for BCA and St Mary’s Church publications and associated publicity purposes. All photos utilised by the organisers will be credited to the photographer.


How to Enter

  1. Select up to two photos taken by you which most closely represent the month’s theme.
  2. Email your entry to You should receive an auto-reply confirming receipt.

Winners will be notified on the website within a week of the closing date.